24 Hours "The Proactive Paradigm"

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All of us have 24 hours in a day!

What does your 24 hours look like?!

How do we conquer the mental struggle of work and dedication towards our goals and our dreams?!

Elon Musk worked 100 hours a week before he became the Elon Musk we know today. Many of us waste time on social media, watching TV, sleeping, out with friends, partying etc…

The way we change it - is we have to train our inner paradigm and take risks towards action. Being an action type of person is not easy because as humans we let our inner voice conquer us. Being an action type of person has to consume you. Many will tell you “work smarter not harder” – I will say some of this is true but nothing defeats action and hard work in my opinion.

Look at successful people they work at their inner paradigm – their thoughts. They are in control of their inner voice. We must own our 24 hours in that we must be proactive in networking, learning, reading, finding mentors, working, mediation, thinking etc… if we do not own this proactive paradigm then the 24 hours will consume us.

“Work like hell. I mean you just have to put in 80 to 100 hour weeks every week. [This] improves the odds of success. If other people are putting in 40 hour work weeks and you’re putting in 100 hour work weeks, then even if you’re doing the same thing you know that… you will achieve in 4 months what it takes them a year to achieve.” ~Elon Musk

Own your 24 hours and you will grow! Remember Knowledge is freedom – Go own your 24 hours! LDG 2018

The "Humble Leader" - how to lead the right way!

Have you ever been led by a cocky or arrogant boss? Have you ever been led by someone who shouldn’t be in a position of “Leadership?”

I have! Serving in the military and working in my chosen profession, I have dealt with many people who frankly had no business managing or leading others. We all can lead if we take the time to learn how to lead.

I remember being deployed overseas and working for an individual who walked around angry, cocky and scared. I was a young man and I felt I could lead better than this guy. All he does is boss people around and doesn’t even sit down to get to know his people. He didn’t even self-reflect on his choices and was not one bit concerned with his subordinates. This is a recipe for disaster and low morale.

“We all should self-reflect so as to not repeat our mistakes” Luiz D. Garcia

Throughout the years I’ve learned from these type of individuals! I’ve learned that leadership positions can be appointed, but we have to choose to lead from within. It takes time to build a humble type of leadership. Below are 3 things we all can do to help with our leadership growth.

           1. Preparation:

 The supervisor above did not prepare for the mission overseas. He did not prepare in learning different methods and ways to lead. He did not prepare his mindset on how to care for his subordinates in a stressful environment. It’s important we read and learn from others in leadership positions doing it the right way. It’s important we find leadership mentors that we can emulate. Preparation is key to learning how to be a humble leader!

2. Self-Reflection:

 As mentioned above, my supervisor had no intention of using this much-needed tool in leadership. We all must work on this trait. I remember being put in a position of leadership while serving in Norfolk Virginia. It was one of my first leadership roles. After it was all said and done it did not turn out to be a good news story. I did not get the job done effectively, however, to this day I always self-reflect back to that moment and use the errors as learning examples. We all should self-reflect so as to not repeat our mistakes. A humble leader has no issues with self- Reflecting because he/she understands they are not perfect


            3. Leading from the rear:

 Yes, that’s right – leading from the rear. Many people say you should lead from the front, but I believe you put your people towards the front and trust in them. Trust that they will get the job done. It’s important as a leader to take a step back – listen first and allow others to be the priority at times. This will put your subordinates in a better position to build their leadership qualities – thus making your team stronger. Leading from the rear is not a bad thing it proves that you have the ability to delegate accordingly. It also proves that you are not threatened by others in your team making decisions. A humble leader will lead from any position.


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There are many other traits that we can talk about when it comes to leadership. These are just a few I wanted to blog about this week.

Next week we'll talk about some leadership books that I feel have helped shape my leadership paradigm. Have a blessed week my friends!

Thank you for reading,

Luiz D. Garcia











How LDGLeadership Evolved, a short synopsis.

Many have asked me what LDGLeadership is about. I will try to summarize it as best I can.

When I was a boy I struggled immensely with confidence, self-discipline, my education and worrying about the future.

I failed many times over in my education and personal life. I then repeated the 9th grade and my life as a young man statistically appeared dim. I had a choice to make – walk out of that high school and go work in a job that I would hate my entire life or finish what I started and defeat circumstance

There are many young folks today struggling with this same decision, but I’m here to tell you “DO NOT EVER WALK OUT OF THAT HIGHSCHOOL!”  If you are reading this today as a young person and are having setbacks – I’m here to tell you “DON’T GIVE UP!”

I chose to face the failures, the sadness, lack of confidence etc… I started to envision myself passing. I started dream big. I started to humble myself and ask for help. I then found mentors and asked my family for help.  The best decision I ever made was to humble myself and ask for help! 

I started to picture myself as a “Leader,” I “Dedicated” myself to “Growth!”  Hence “LDG”

Leadership + Dedication = Growth.

I have gone on to be a family man,  college graduate, 17 year Navy Veteran (with NCIS), a Detective with my hometown Police Department, ran for Mayor, Motivational Speaker and Community Leader. without LDG that never happens! 

That my friends is a short synopsis on how LDGLeadership evolved. I now go and speak and tell my life story, my failures, my successes and techniques on how to “Lead, be dedicated and thus grow” from within!

Thank you for reading this short blog post. We will be putting our more blogs on leadership and related topics soon, so stay tuned! Thank you.

Happy New Year,

Luiz D. Garcia

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2017 was a wonderful year of growth, new friends, family and fellowship! A special thank you to all of you who made 2017 one of the best so far. The sky is the limit my friends! Never give up and remember together we are stronger! #LDGLeadership #TogetherWeAreStronger
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