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How LDGLeadership Evolved, a short synopsis.

How LDGLeadership Evolved, a short synopsis.

Luiz Garcia

January 1, 2018


Many have asked me what LDGLeadership is about. I will try to summarize it as best I can.

When I was a boy I struggled immensely with confidence, self-discipline, my education and worrying about the future.

I failed many times over in my education and personal life. I then repeated the 9th grade and my life as a young man statistically appeared dim. I had a choice to make – walk out of that high school and go work in a job that I would hate my entire life or finish what I started and defeat circumstance

There are many young folks today struggling with this same decision, but I’m here to tell you “DO NOT EVER WALK OUT OF THAT HIGHSCHOOL!”  If you are reading this today as a young person and are having setbacks – I’m here to tell you “DON’T GIVE UP!”

I chose to face the failures, the sadness, lack of confidence, etc.… I started to envision myself passing. I started to dream big. I started to humble myself and ask for help. I then found mentors and asked my family for help.  The best decision I ever made was to humble myself and ask for help! 

I started to picture myself as a “Leader,” I “Dedicated” myself to “Growth!”  Hence “LDG”

Leadership + Dedication = Growth.

I have gone on to be a family man,  college graduate, 17 year Navy Veteran (with NCIS), a Detective with my hometown Police Department, ran for Mayor, Motivational Speaker and Community Leader. Without LDG that never happens! 

That my friends is a short synopsis on how LDGLeadership evolved. I now go and speak and tell my life story, my failures, my successes and techniques on how to “Lead, be dedicated and thus grow” from within!

Thank you for reading this short blog post. We will be sharing more blogs on leadership and related topics soon, so please stay tuned! Thank you.

Happy New Year,

Luiz D. Garcia


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